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Score: 11.00
Title: A conserved threonine residue in the juxtamembrane domain of the XA21 pattern recognition receptor is critical for kinase autophosphorylation and XA21-mediated immunity .
Author: Chen X Chern M Canlas PE Jiang C Ruan D Cao P Ronald PC
Journal: J Biol Chem Citation: V : 285 P : 10454-63 Year: 2010
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub20118235
Score: 10.00
Title: Plasma membrane localization and potential endocytosis of constitutively expressed XA21 proteins in transgenic rice .
Author: Chen F Gao MJ Miao YS Yuan YX Wang MY Li Q Mao BZ Jiang LW He ZH
Journal: Mol Plant Citation: V : 3 P : 917-26 Year: 2010
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub20616165
Score: 10.00
Title: Adaptive evolution of Xa21 homologs in Gramineae .
Author: Tan S Wang D Ding J Tian D Zhang X Yang S
Journal: Genetica Citation: V : 139 P : 1465-75 Year: 2011
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub22451352
Score: 9.00
Title: Biochemical characterization of the kinase domain of the rice disease resistance receptor-like kinase XA21 .
Author: Liu GZ Pi LY Walker JC Ronald PC Song WY .
Journal: J Biol . Chem . Citation: V : 277 ( 23 ) P : 20264-9 Year: 2002
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub11927577
Score: 9.00
Title: Rice XA21 Binding Protein 3 Is a Ubiquitin Ligase Required for Full Xa21-Mediated Disease Resistance .
Author: Wang YS Pi LY Chen X Chakrabarty PK Jiang J De Leon AL Liu GZ Li L Benny U Oard J Ronald PC Song WY .
Journal: Citation: V : ( ) P : Year: 2006
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub17172358
Score: 9.00
Title: Rice XB15 , a protein phosphatase 2C , negatively regulates cell death and XA21-mediated innate immunity .
Author: Park CJ Peng Y Chen X Dardick C Ruan D Bart R Canlas PE Ronald PC
Journal: PLoS Biol Citation: V : 6 P : e231 Year: 2008
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub18817453
Score: 9.00
Title: Xa21D encodes a receptor-like molecule with a leucine-rich repeat domain that determines race-specific recognition and is subject to adaptive evolution .
Author: Wang GL Ruan DL Song WY Sideris S Chen L Pi LY Zhang S Zhang Z Fauquet C Gaut BS Whalen MC Ronald PC .
Journal: Plant Cell Citation: V : 10 ( 5 ) P : 765-79 Year: 1998
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub9596635
Score: 8.00
Title: Genetic and physical analysis of the rice bacterial blight disease resistance locus , Xa21 .
Author: Ronald PC Albano B Tabien R Abenes L Wu KS McCouch S Tanksley SD .
Journal: Mol . Gen . Genet . Citation: V : 236 ( 1 ) P : 113-20 Year: 1992
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub1362973
Score: 8.00
Title: Isolation and characterization of rice mutants compromised in Xa21-mediated resistance to X oryzae pv . oryzae .
Author: Wang GL Wu C Zeng L He C Baraoidan M de Assis Goes da Silva F Williams CE Ronald PC Leung H
Journal: Theor . Appl . Genet . Citation: V : 108 ( 3 ) P : 379-84 Year: 2004
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub14523518
Score: 8.00
Title: Analysis of T-DNA Xa21 loci and bacterial blight resistance effects of the transgene Xa21 in transgenic rice .
Author: Zhai W Chen C Zhu X Chen X Zhang D Li X Zhu L
Journal: Theor . Appl . Genet . Citation: V : 109 ( 3 ) P : 534-42 Year: 2004
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub15088086

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