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Score: 23.00
Title: Pathogen-induced expressional loss of function is the key factor in race-specific bacterial resistance conferred by a recessive R gene xa13 in rice .
Author: Yuan M Chu Z Li X Xu C Wang S
Journal: Plant Cell Physiol Citation: V : 50 P : 947-55 Type: MEDLINE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub19318375 Accession (PMID): 19318375
Abstract: The fully recessive disease resistance ( R ) gene xa13 , which mediates race-specific resistance to Xanthomonas oryzae pv . oryzae ( Xoo ) , encodes a plasma membrane protein that differs by one amino acid from that encoded by its dominant ( susceptible ) allele Xa13 . The molecular mechanism of xa13-mediated resistance is largely unknown . Here we show that , compared with its dominant allele , expressional non-reaction of xa13 to Xoo infection , not its protein composition , is the key factor for xa13-mediated resistance . We used the promoter ( P ( Xa13 ) ) of the dominant Xa13 , which was induced by only the incompatible Xoo strain for xa13 , to regulate xa13 and xa13 ( Leu49 ) ( a natural recessive allele of xa13 ) in the rice line IRBB13 carrying xa13 . The transgenic plants showed the same level of susceptibility and bacterial growth rate as those of the rice line carrying dominant Xa13 , accompanied by the induced accumulation of xa13 or xa13 ( Leu49 ) proteins . Constitutive expression of dominant XA13 or different xa13 proteins ( xa13 , xa13 ( Leu49 ) , xa13 ( Ala85 ) or xa13 ( Val184 ) ) in IRBB13 had no effect on Xoo infection in the transgenic plants . These results suggest that race-specific pathogen-induced Xa13 expression is critical for infection . Thus , xa13 stands out from other R genes in that its functions in disease resistance are due to only the loss of pathogen-induced transcriptional motivation caused by natural selection .
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Score: 8.00
Title: High-resolution genetic mapping of bacterial blight resistance gene Xa10 .
Author: Gu K Sangha JS Li Y Yin Z
Journal: Theor Appl Genet Citation: V : 116 P : 155-63 Type: MEDLINE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub17924090 Accession (PMID): 17924090
Abstract: Bacterial blight of rice , caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv . oryzae ( Xoo ) , is the most devastating disease of rice ( Oryza sativa L ) . Rice lines that carry resistance ( R ) gene Xa10 confer race-specific resistance to Xoo strains harboring avirulence ( Avr ) gene avrXa10 . Here we report on genetic study , disease evaluation and fine genetic mapping of the Xa10 gene . The inheritance of Xa10-mediated resistance to PXO99A ( pHM1avrXa10 ) did not follow typical Mendelian inheritance for single dominant gene in F2 population derived from IR24 x IRBB10 . A locus might be present in IRBB10 that caused distorted segregation in F2 population . To eliminate this locus , an F3 population ( F3-65 ) was identified , which showed normal Mendelian segregation ratio of 3 : 1 for resistance and susceptibility . A new near-isogenic line ( F3-65-1743 ) of Xa10 in IR24 genetic background was developed and designated as IRBB10A . IRBB10A retained similar resistance specificity as that of IRBB10 and provided complete resistance to PXO99A ( pHM1avrXa10 ) from seedling to adult stages . Linkage analysis using existing RFLP markers and F2 mapping population mapped the Xa10 locus to the proximal side of E1981S with genetic distance at 0 . 93 cM . With five new RFLP markers developed from the genomic sequence of Nipponbare , Xa10 was finely mapped at genetic distance of 0 . 28 cM between proximal marker M491 and distal marker M419 and co-segregated with markers S723 and M604 . The physical distance between M491 and M419 on Nipponbare genome is 74 kb . Seven genes have been annotated from this 74-kb region and six of them are possible Xa10 candidates . The results of this study will be useful in Xa10 cloning and marker-assisted breeding .
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Score: 6.00
Title: Characterization of Xanthomonas oryzae-responsive cis-acting element in the promoter of rice race-specific susceptibility gene Xa13 .
Author: Yuan T Li X Xiao J Wang S
Journal: Mol Plant Citation: V : 4 P : 300-9 Type: MEDLINE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub21208999 Accession (PMID): 21208999
Abstract: The rice Xa13 gene , whose promoter harbors a UPT ( up-regulated by transcription activator-like [ TAL ] effector ) box , UPT ( PthXo1 ) , plays a pivotal role in the race-specific pathogenicity caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv . oryzae ( Xoo ) strain PXO99 . PXO99 causes rice disease by inducing Xa13 . It is unknown , however , whether the UPT ( PthXo1 ) box is the only PXO99-responsive cis-regulating elements in the activation of Xa13 expression . We analyzed the expression of a series of end and site-truncated and site-mutated Xa13 promoters in rice and the binding of PXO99 protein to the intact , partial , or site-mutated UPT ( PthXo1 ) boxes . In the Xa13 promoter , UPT ( PthXo1 ) box is the only Xoo-responsive cis-acting element that results in PXO99-induced Xa13 expression . The 5-terminal second , third , and fourth nucleotides of the box are important for bacterial protein binding and gene activation ; mutation of any one of these sites abolished PXO99-induced gene expression . Furthermore , the 3-half of the UPT ( PthXo1 ) box is also required for protein binding and gene activation . These findings will enhance our understanding of the molecular mechanism of the interaction of rice and Xoo via UPT boxes and TAL effectors .
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Score: 5.00
Title: Genome-wide analysis of defense-responsive genes in bacterial blight resistance of rice mediated by the recessive R gene xa13 .
Author: Chu Z Ouyang Y Zhang J Yang H Wang S
Journal: Mol . Genet . Genomics Citation: V : 271 ( 1 ) P : 111-20 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub14730444 Accession (PMID): 14730444
Abstract: Defense responses triggered by dominant and recessive disease resistance ( R ) genes are presumed to be regulated by different molecular mechanisms . In order to characterize the genes activated in defense responses against bacterial blight mediated by the recessive R gene xa13 , two pathogen-induced subtraction cDNA libraries were constructed using the resistant rice line IRBB13--which carries xa13--and its susceptible , near-isogenic , parental line IR24 . Clustering analysis of expressed sequence tags ( ESTs ) identified 702 unique expressed sequences as being involved in the defense responses triggered by xa13 ; 16% of these are new rice ESTs . These sequences define 702 genes , putatively encoding a wide range of products , including defense-responsive genes commonly involved in different host-pathogen interactions , genes that have not previously been reported to be associated with pathogen-induced defense responses , and genes ( 38% ) with no homology to previously described functional genes . In addition , R-like genes putatively encoding nucleotide-binding site/leucine rich repeat ( NBS-LRR ) and LRR receptor kinase proteins were observed to be induced in the disease resistance activated by xa13 . A total of 568 defense-responsive ESTs were mapped to 588 loci on the rice molecular linkage map through bioinformatic analysis . About 48% of the mapped ESTs co-localized with quantitative trait loci ( QTLs ) for resistance to various rice diseases , including bacterial blight , rice blast , sheath blight and yellow mottle virus . Furthermore , some defense-responsive sequences were conserved at similar locations on different chromosomes . These results reveal the complexity of xa13-mediated resistance . The information obtained in this study provides a large source of candidate genes for understanding the molecular bases of defense responses activated by recessive R genes and of quantitative disease resistance .
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Score: 5.00
Title: Promoter mutations of an essential gene for pollen development result in disease resistance in rice .
Author: Chu Z Yuan M Yao J Ge X Yuan B Xu C Li X Fu B Li Z Bennetzen JL Zhang Q Wang S
Journal: Genes Dev . Citation: V : 20 ( 10 ) P : 1250-5 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub16648463 Accession (PMID): 16648463
Abstract: Disease resistance and sexual reproductive development are generally considered as separate biological processes , regulated by different sets of genes . Here we show that xa13 , a recessive allele conferring disease resistance against bacterial blight , one of the most devastating rice diseases worldwide , plays a key role in both disease resistance and pollen development . The dominant allele , Xa13 , is required for both bacterial growth and pollen development . Promoter mutations in Xa13 cause down-regulation of expression during host-pathogen interaction , resulting in the fully recessive xa13 that confers race-specific resistance . The recessive xa13 allele represents a new type of plant disease resistance .
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