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Title: Single nucleotide polymorphisms in a gene for translation initiation factor ( eIF4G ) of rice ( Oryza sativa ) associated with resistance to Rice tungro spherical virus .
Author: Lee JH Muhsin M Atienza GA Kwak DY Kim SM De Leon TB Angeles ER Coloquio E Kondoh H Satoh K Cabunagan RC Cabauatan PQ Kikuchi S Leung H Choi IR
Journal: Mol Plant Microbe Interact Citation: V : 23 P : 29-38 Year: 2010 Type: MEDLINE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub19958136 Accession (PMID): 19958136
Abstract: Rice tungro disease ( RTD ) is a serious constraint to rice production in South and Southeast Asia . RTD is caused by Rice tungro spherical virus ( RTSV ) and Rice tungro bacilliform virus . Rice cv . Utri Merah is resistant to RTSV . To identify the gene or genes involved in RTSV resistance , the association of genotypic and phenotypic variations for RTSV resistance was examined in backcross populations derived from Utri Merah and rice germplasm with known RTSV resistance . Genetic analysis revealed that resistance to RTSV in Utri Merah was controlled by a single recessive gene ( tsv1 ) mapped within an approximately 200-kb region between 22 . 05 and 22 . 25 Mb of chromosome 7 . A gene for putative translation initiation factor 4G ( eIF4G ( tsv1 ) ) was found in the tsv1 region . Comparison of eIF4G ( tsv1 ) gene sequences among susceptible and resistant plants suggested the association of RTSV resistance with one of the single nucleotide polymorphism ( SNP ) sites found in exon 9 of the gene . Examination of the SNP site in the eIF4G ( tsv1 ) gene among various rice plants resistant and susceptible to RTSV corroborated the association of SNP or deletions in codons for Val ( 1060-1061 ) of the predicted eIF4G ( tsv1 ) with RTSV resistance in rice .
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