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Title: Co-expression of a modified maize ribosome-inactivating protein and a rice basic chitinase gene in transgenic rice plants confers enhanced resistance to sheath blight .
Author: Kim JK Jang IC Wu R Zuo WN Boston RS Lee YH Ahn IP Nahm BH .
Journal: Transgenic Res . Citation: V : 12 ( 4 ) P : 475-84 Year: 2003 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub12885168 Accession (PMID): 12885168
Abstract: Chitinases , beta-1 , 3-glucanases , and ribosome-inactivating proteins are reported to have antifungal activity in plants . With the aim of producing fungus-resistant transgenic plants , we co-expressed a modified maize ribosome-inactivating protein gene , MOD1 , and a rice basic chitinase gene , RCH10 , in transgenic rice plants . A construct containing MOD1 and RCH10 under the control of the rice rbcS and Act1 promoters , respectively , was co-transformed with a plasmid containing the herbicide-resistance gene bar as a selection marker into rice by particle bombardment . Several transformants analyzed by genomic Southern-blot hybridization demonstrated integration of multiple copies of the foreign gene into rice chromosomes . Immunoblot experiments showed that MOD1 formed approximately 0 . 5% of the total soluble protein in transgenic leaves . RCH10 expression was examined using the native polyacrylamide-overlay gel method , and high RCH10 activity was observed in leaf it issues where endogenous RCH10 is not expressed . R1 plants were analyzed in a similar way , and the Southern-blot patterns and levels of transgene expression remained the same as in the parental line . Analysis of the response of R2 plants to three fungal pathogens of rice , Rhizoctonia solani , Bipolaris oryzae , and Magnaporthe grisea , indicated statistically significant symptom reduction only in the case of R solani ( sheath blight ) . The increased resistance co-segregated with herbicide tolerance , reflecting a correlation between the resistance phenotype and transgene expression .
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Score: 5.00
Title: Isolation and characterization of a rice gene encoding a basic chitinase .
Author: Zhu Q Lamb CJ .
Journal: Mol . Gen . Genet . Citation: V : 226 ( 1-2 ) P : 289-96 Year: 1991 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub2034221 Accession (PMID): 2034221
Abstract: Chitinase , which catalyzes the hydrolysis of the beta-1 , 4-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine linkages of the fungal cell wall polymer chitin , is involved in inducible defenses of plants . A basic chitinase genomic sequence was isolated from a rice ( Oryza sativa L ) genomic library using a bean chitinase gene fragment as a probe . The complete nucleotide sequence of the rice chitinase RCH10 gene was determined , and shown to contain an open reading frame with no introns , encoding a polypeptide of 336 amino acids . This polypeptide consists of a 21 amino acid signal peptide , a hevein domain , and a chitinase catalytic domain . The RCH10 gene has 63% identity at the nucleotide level and 75% identity at the amino acid level with chitinase genes from dicotyledonous plants such as bean , potato , and tobacco A gene fusion of trpE and the coding region of RCH10 expressed in Escherichia coli gave a product that reacted with antiserum to bean chitinase , confirming the identity of RCH10 as a rice chitinase gene . Primer extension analysis identified two transcription start sites 53 bp and 55 bp upstream from the translation initiation codon . The 5 flanking region contains TATA and CAAT boxes , and the 3 region contains an AATAA polyadenylation signal Southern blot hybridization indicated that there is a family of chitinase genes in the rice genome . Northern blot analysis showed that the RCH10 chitinase gene is induced in suspension cultured cells by a fungal cell wall elicitor . Rice chitinase transcripts accumulate to a high level in roots , but only low levels are found in stem and leaf it issue .
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Score: 1.00
Title: Evidence for a disease-resistance pathway in rice similar to the NPR1-mediated signaling pathway in Arabidopsis .
Author: Chern MS Fitzgerald HA Yadav RC Canlas PE Dong X Ronald PC .
Journal: Plant J Citation: V : 27 ( 2 ) P : 101-13 Year: 2001 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub11489188 Accession (PMID): 11489188
Abstract: The Arabidopsis NPR1/NIM1 gene is a key regulator of systemic acquired resistance ( SAR ) . Over-expression of NPR1 leads to enhanced resistance in Arabidopsis . To investigate the role of NPR1 in monocots , we over-expressed the Arabidopsis NPR1 in rice and challenged the transgenic plants with Xanthomonas oryzae pv . oryzae ( Xoo ) , the rice bacterial blight pathogen . The transgenic plants displayed enhanced resistance to Xoo . RNA blot hybridization indicates that enhanced resistance requires expression of NPR1 mRNA above a threshold level in rice . To identify components mediating the resistance controlled by NPR1 , we used NPR1 as bait in a yeast two-hybrid screen . We isolated four cDNA clones encoding rice NPR1 interactors ( named rTGA2 . 1 , rTGA2 . 2 , rTGA2 . 3 and rLG2 ) belonging to the bZIP family . rTGA2 . 1 , rTGA2 . 2 and rTGA2 . 3 share 75 , 76 and 78% identity with Arabidopsis TGA2 , respectively . In contrast , rLG2 shares highest identity ( 81% ) to the maize liguleless ( LG2 ) gene product , which is involved in establishing the leaf blade-sheath boundary . The interaction of NPR1 with the rice bZIP proteins in yeast was impaired by the npr1-1 and npr1-2 mutations , but not by the nim1-4 mutation . The NPR1-rTGA2 . 1 interaction was confirmed by an in vitro pull-down experiment . In gel mobility shift assays , rTGA2 . 1 binds to the rice RCH10 promoter and to a cis-element required sequence-specifically for salicylic acid responsiveness . This is the first demonstration that the Arabidopsis NPR1 gene can enhance disease resistance in a monocot plant . These results also suggest that monocot and dicot plants share a conserved signal transduction pathway controlling NPR1-mediated resistance .
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Score: 1.00
Title: Enhancing disease resistances of Super Hybrid Rice with four antifungal genes .
Author: Zhu H Xu X Xiao G Yuan L Li B
Journal: Sci . China , C , Life Sci . Citation: V : 50 ( 1 ) P : 31-9 Year: 2007 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub17393080 Accession (PMID): 17393080
Abstract: A plant expression vector harboring four antifungal genes was delivered into the embryogenic calli of 9311 , an indica restorer line of Super Hybrid Rice , via modified biolistic particle bombardment . Southern blot analysis indicated that in the regenerated hygromycin-resistant plants , all the four antifungal genes , including RCH10 , RAC22 , beta-Glu and B-RIP , were integrated into the genome of 9311 , co-transmitted altogether with the marker gene hpt in a Mendelian pattern . Some transgenic R1 and R2 progenies , with all transgenes displaying a normal expression level in the Northern blot analysis , showed high resistance to Magnaporthe grisea when tested in the typical blast nurseries located in Yanxi and Sanya respectively . Furthermore , transgenic F1 plants , resulting from a cross of R2 homozygous lines with high resistance to rice blast with the non-transgenic male sterile line Peiai 64S , showed not only high resistance to M grisea but also enhanced resistance to rice false smut ( a disease caused by Ustilaginoidea virens ) and rice kernel smut ( another disease caused by Tilletia barclayana ) .
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