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Score: 11.00
Title: Rice Pi5-mediated resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae requires the presence of two coiled-coil-nucleotide-binding-leucine-rich repeat genes .
Author: Lee SK Song MY Seo YS Kim HK Ko S Cao PJ Suh JP Yi G Roh JH Lee S An G Hahn TR Wang GL Ronald P Jeon JS
Journal: Genetics Citation: V : 181 P : 1627-38 Year: 2009 Type: In-Process
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub19153255 Accession (PMID): 19153255
Abstract: Rice blast , caused by the fungus Magnaporthe oryzae , is one of the most devastating diseases of rice . To understand the molecular basis of Pi5-mediated resistance to M oryzae , we cloned the resistance ( R ) gene at this locus using a map-based cloning strategy . Genetic and phenotypic analyses of 2014 F2 progeny from a mapping population derived from a cross between IR50 , a susceptible rice cultivar , and the RIL260 line carrying Pi5 enabled us to narrow down the Pi5 locus to a 130-kb interval Sequence analysis of this genomic region identified two candidate genes , Pi5-1 and Pi5-2 , which encode proteins carrying three motifs characteristic of R genes : an N-terminal coiled-coil ( CC ) motif , a nucleotide-binding ( NB ) domain , and a leucine-rich repeat ( LRR ) motif . In genetic transformation experiments of a susceptible rice cultivar , neither the Pi5-1 nor the Pi5-2 gene was found to confer resistance to M oryzae . In contrast , transgenic rice plants expressing both of these genes , generated by crossing transgenic lines carrying each gene individually , conferred Pi5-mediated resistance to M oryzae . Gene expression analysis revealed that Pi5-1 transcripts accumulate after pathogen challenge , whereas the Pi5-2 gene is constitutively expressed . These results indicate that the presence of these two genes is required for rice Pi5-mediated resistance to M oryzae .
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Score: 9.00
Title: A novel blast resistance gene , Pi54rh cloned from wild species of rice , Oryza rhizomatis confers broad spectrum resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae .
Author: Das A Soubam D Singh PK Thakur S Singh NK Sharma TR
Journal: Funct Integr Genomics Citation: V : 12 P : 215-28 Year: 2012 Type: In-Process
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub22592658 Accession (PMID): 22592658
Abstract: The dominant rice blast resistance gene , Pi54 confers resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae in different parts of India . In our effort to identify more effective forms of this gene , we isolated an orthologue of Pi54 named as Pi54rh from the blast-resistant wild species of rice , Oryza rhizomatis , using allele mining approach and validated by complementation . The Pi54rh belongs to CC-NBS-LRR family of disease resistance genes with a unique Zinc finger ( C ( 3 ) H type ) domain . The 1 , 447 bp Pi54rh transcript comprises of 101 bp 5-UTR , 1 , 083 bp coding region and 263 bp 3-UTR , driven by pathogen inducible promoter . We showed the extracellular localization of Pi54rh protein and the presence of glycosylation , myristoylation and phosphorylation sites which implicates its role in signal transduction process . This is in contrast to other blast resistance genes that are predicted to be intracellular NBS-LRR-type resistance proteins . The Pi54rh was found to express constitutively at basal level in the leaves , but upregulates 3 . 8-fold at 96 h post-inoculation with the pathogen . Functional validation of cloned Pi54rh gene using complementation test showed high degree of resistance to seven isolates of M oryzae collected from different geographical locations of India . In this study , for the first time , we demonstrated that a rice blast resistance gene Pi54rh cloned from wild species of rice provides broad spectrum resistance to M oryzae hence can be used in rice improvement breeding programme .
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Score: 7.00
Title: Genetic and physical mapping of Pi5 ( t ) , a locus associated with broad-spectrum resistance to rice blast
Author: Jeon JS Chen D Yi GH Wang GL Ronald PC .
Journal: Mol . Genet . Genomics Citation: V : 269 ( 2 ) P : 280-9 Year: 2003 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub12756540 Accession (PMID): 12756540
Abstract: To gain an understanding of the molecular basis for resistance to rice blast ( Magnaporthe grisea ) , we have initiated a project to clone Pi5 ( t ) , a locus associated with broad-spectrum resistance to diverse blast isolates . AFLP-derived markers linked to Pi5 ( t ) -mediated resistance were isolated using bulked segregant analysis of F ( 2 ) populations generated by crossing three recombinant inbred lines ( RILs ) , RIL125 , RIL249 , and RIL260 with the susceptible line CO39 . The most tightly linked AFLP marker , S04G03 , was positioned on chromosome 9 of the fingerprint-based physical map of Nipponbare , a well-characterized rice genotype . Flanking BAC-based Nipponbare markers were generated for saturation mapping using four populations , the three initial RILs and an additional one derived from a cross between M202 and RIL260 . A BIBAC ( binary BAC ) library was constructed from RIL260 . Using these resources Pi5 ( t ) was mapped to a 170-kb interval , and a contiguous set of BIBAC clones spanning this region was constructed . It had previously been suggested that Pi3 ( t ) and Pi5 ( t ) might be allelic , due to their identical resistance spectrum and tight linkage . We therefore compared genomic regions for lines containing Pi3 ( t ) using the Pi5 ( t ) -linked markers . DNA gel-blot analyses indicated that the region around Pi3 ( t ) is identical to that of Pi5 ( t ) , suggesting that Pi3 ( t ) and Pi5 ( t ) are the same resistance gene .
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Score: 6.00
Title: Use of Pi5 ( t ) markers in marker-assisted selection to screen for cultivars with resistance to Magnaporthe grisea .
Author: Yi G Lee SK Hong YK Cho YC Nam MH Kim SC Han SS Wang GL Hahn TR Ronald PC Jeon JS .
Journal: Theor . Appl . Genet . Citation: V : 109 ( 5 ) P : 978-85 Year: 2004 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub15141293 Accession (PMID): 15141293
Abstract: Identification of the PCR markers tightly linked to genes that encode important agronomic traits is useful for marker-assisted selection ( MAS ) . The rice Pi5 ( t ) locus confers broad-spectrum resistance to Magnaporthe grisea , the causal agent of rice blast disease . It has been hypothesized that the Pi5 ( t ) locus carries the same gene as that encoded by the Pi3 ( t ) and Pii ( t ) loci . We developed three PCR-based dominant markers ( JJ80-T3 , JJ81-T3 , and JJ113-T3 ) from three previously identified BIBAC clones-JJ80 , JJ81 , and JJ113-that are linked to the Pi5 ( t ) locus . PCR analysis of 24 monogenic lines revealed that these markers are present only in lines that carry Pi5 ( t ) , Pi3 ( t ) , and Pii ( t ) . PCR and DNA gel-blot analysis of candidate resistance lines using JJ80-T3 , JJ81-T3 , and JJ113-T3 indicated that Tetep is the likely donor of Pi5 ( t ) . Of the 184 rice varieties tested , 34 carried the JJ80-T3- , JJ81-T3- , and JJ113-T3-specific bands . Disease evaluation of those 34 varieties revealed that all conferred resistance to PO6-6 . The genomic structure of three of these resistant varieties ( ie , IR72 , Taebaeg , Jahyangdo ) is most similar to that of Pi5 ( t ) . Our results demonstrate the usefulness of the JJ80-T3 , JJ81-T3 , and JJ113-T3 markers for MAS for M grisea resistance .
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Score: 3.00
Title: Molecular mapping of the blast resistance genes Pi2-1 and Pi51 ( t ) in the durably resistant rice Tianjingyeshengdao .
Author: Wang Y Wang D Deng X Liu J Sun P Liu Y Huang H Jiang N Kang H Ning Y Wang Z Xiao Y Liu X Liu E Dai L Wang GL
Journal: Phytopathology Citation: V : 102 P : 779-86 Year: 2012 Type: In-Process
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub22779744 Accession (PMID): 22779744
Abstract: Tianjingyeshengdao ( TY ) is a rice cultivar with durable resistance to populations of Magnaporthe oryzae ( the causal agent of blast ) in China . To understand the genetic basis of its resistance to blast , we developed a population of recombinant inbred lines from a cross between TY and the highly susceptible CO39 for gene mapping analysis . In total , 22 quantitative trait loci ( QTLs ) controlling rice blast resistance were identified on chromosomes 1 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 9 , 11 , and 12 from the evaluation of four disease parameters in both greenhouse and blast nursery conditions . Among these QTLs , 19 were contributed by TY and three by CO39 . Two QTL clusters on chromosome 6 and 12 were named Pi2-1 and Pi51 ( t ) , respectively . Pi2-1 was detected under both growth chamber and natural blast nursery conditions , and explained 31 . 24 to 59 . 73% of the phenotypic variation . Pi51 ( t ) was only detected in the natural blast nursery and explained 3 . 67 to 10 . 37% of the phenotypic variation . Our results demonstrate that the durable resistance in TY is controlled by two major and seven minor genes . Identification of the markers linked to both Pi2-1 and Pi51 ( t ) in this study should be useful for marker-aided selection in rice breeding programs as well as for molecular cloning of the identified resistance genes .
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