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Title: Genetic control of rice blast resistance in the durably resistant cultivar Gumei 2 against multiple isolates .
Author: Wu JL Fan YY Li DB Zheng KL Leung H Zhuang JY .
Journal: Theor . Appl . Genet . Citation: V : 111 ( 1 ) P : 50-6 Year: 2005 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub15856160 Accession (PMID): 15856160
Abstract: To further our understanding of the genetic control of blast resistance in rice cultivar Gumei 2 and , consequently , to facilitate the utilization of this durably blast-resistant cultivar , we studied 304 recombinant inbred lines of indica rice cross Zhong 156/Gumei 2 and a linkage map comprising 181 markers . An analysis of segregation for resistance against five isolates of rice blast suggested that one gene cluster and three additional major genes that are independently inherited are responsible for the complete resistance of Gumei 2 . The gene cluster was located to chromosome 6 and includes two genes mapped previously , Pi25 ( t ) , against Chinese rice blast isolate 92-183 ( race ZC15 ) and Pi26 ( t ) against Philippine rice blast isolate Ca89 ( lineage 4 ) , and a gene for resistance against Philippine rice blast isolate 92330-5 ( lineage 17 ) . Of the two genes conferring resistance against the Philippine isolates V86013 ( lineage 15 ) and C923-39 ( lineage 46 ) , we identified one as Pi26 ( t ) and mapped the other onto the distal end of chromosome 2 where Pib is located . We used three components of partial blast resistance , percentage diseased leaf area ( DLA ) , lesion number and lesion size , all measured in the greenhouse , to measure the degree of susceptibility to isolates Ca89 and C923-39 and subsequently identified nine and eight quantitative trait loci ( QTLs ) , respectively . Epistasis was determined to play an important role in partial resistance against Ca89 . Using DLA measured on lines susceptible in a blast nursery , we detected six QTLs . While different QTLs were detected for partial resistance to Ca89 and C923-39 , respectively , most were involved in the partial resistance in the field . Our results suggest that the blast resistance in Gumei 2 is controlled by multiple major genes and minor genes with epistatic effects .
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Title: Genetic characterization and fine mapping of the blast resistance locus Pigm ( t ) tightly linked to Pi2 and Pi9 in a broad-spectrum resistant Chinese variety .
Author: Deng Y Zhu X Shen Y He Z
Journal: Theor . Appl . Genet . Citation: V : 113 ( 4 ) P : 705-13 Year: 2006 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub16832648 Accession (PMID): 16832648
Abstract: The identification and utilization of broad-spectrum resistance genes have been proven the most effective and economical approach to control rice blast disease . To understand the molecular mechanism of broad-spectrum resistance to rice blast , we conducted genetic and fine mapping analysis of the blast resistance gene in a Chinese rice variety : Gumei 4 ( GM4 ) identified with broad-spectrum resistance and used in rice breeding for blast resistance for more than 20 years . Genetic and mapping analysis indicated that blast resistance to nine isolates of different Chinese races in GM4 was controlled by the same dominant locus designated as Pigm ( t ) that was finely mapped to an approximately 70-kb interval between markers C5483 and C0428 on chromosome 6 , which contains five candidate NBS--LRR disease resistance genes . The allelism test showed that Pigm ( t ) was either tightly linked or allelic to Pi2 and Pi9 , two known blast resistance genes . Mapping information also indicated that another blast resistance gene Pi26 ( t ) might also be located at the same region . Candidate genes were identified by sequence analysis of the Nipponbare and Pi9 locus and the corresponding region in GM4 . Sequence divergence of candidate genes was observed between GM4 and model varieties Nipponbare and 9311 , and Pi9 . Our current study provides essential information and new genetic resource for the cloning of functional resistance gene ( s ) and for marker-assisted selection in rice breeding for broad-spectrum blast resistance .
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