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Score: 10.00
Title: Two-Step Regulation of LAX PANICLE1 Protein Accumulation in Axillary Meristem Formation in Rice .
Author: Oikawa T Kyozuka J
Journal: Plant Cell Citation: V : 21 P : 1095-108 Year: 2009 Type: In-Data-Review
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub19346465 Accession (PMID): 19346465
Matching Sentences:
[ Sen. 7, subscore: 2.00 ]: The difference in sites of LAX1 mRNA expression and its action suggests non-cell-autonomous characteristics of LAX1 function .
[ Sen. 9, subscore: 2.00 ]: Furthermore , we present evidence that LAX1 protein movement is required for the full function of LAX1 .
[ Sen. 2, subscore: 1.00 ]: In rice ( Oryza sativa ) , LAX PANICLE1 ( LAX1 ) function is required for the generation of AM throughout the plants lifespan .
[ Sen. 4, subscore: 1.00 ]: Coincident with this , LAX1 expression starts in the axils of leaves at P4 stage .
[ Sen. 5, subscore: 1.00 ]: LAX1 mRNA accumulates in two to three layers of cells in the boundary region between the initiating AM and the shoot apical meristem .
[ Sen. 6, subscore: 1.00 ]: In lax1 mutants , the proliferation of meristematic cells is initiated but fails to progress into the formation of AM .
[ Sen. 8, subscore: 1.00 ]: We found that LAX1 protein is trafficked to AM in a stage and direction-specific manner .
[ Sen. 10, subscore: 1.00 ]: Thus , we propose that LAX1 protein accumulates transiently in the initiating AM at P4 stage by a strict regulation of mRNA expression and a subsequent control of protein trafficking .
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Score: 9.00
Title: The LAX1 and FRIZZY PANICLE 2 genes determine the inflorescence architecture of rice by controlling rachis-branch and spikelet development .
Author: Komatsu M Maekawa M Shimamoto K Kyozuka J
Journal: Dev . Biol . Citation: V : 231 ( 2 ) P : 364-73 Year: 2001 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub11237465 Accession (PMID): 11237465
Matching Sentences:
[ Sen. 6, subscore: 3.00 ]: A comparison of the defects in lax1-1 and lax1-2 plants suggested that the sensitivities to reduced LAX1 activity were not uniform among different types of meristems .
[ Sen. 9, subscore: 2.00 ]: The lax1-1 fzp2 double mutants exhibited a novel , basically additive , phenotype , which suggests that LAX1 and FZP2 function in genetically independent pathways .
[ Sen. 2, subscore: 1.00 ]: In lax1-2 , which is a new and stronger allele of the previously reported lax mutant , initiation and/or maintenance of rachis-branches , lateral spikelets , and terminal spikelets was severely prevented .
[ Sen. 3, subscore: 1.00 ]: In situ hybridization analysis using OSH1 , a rice knotted1 ( kn1 ) ortholog , confirmed the absence of lateral meristems in lax1-2 panicles .
[ Sen. 4, subscore: 1.00 ]: These defects indicate that the LAX1 gene is required for the initiation/maintenance of axillary meristems in the rice panicle .
[ Sen. 5, subscore: 1.00 ]: In addition to its role in forming lateral meristems , the wild-type LAX1 gene acts as a floral meristem identity gene which specifies the terminal spikelet meristem .
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Score: 4.00
Title: LAX PANICLE2 of rice encodes a novel nuclear protein and regulates the formation of axillary meristems .
Author: Tabuchi H Zhang Y Hattori S Omae M Shimizu-Sato S Oikawa T Qian Q Nishimura M Kitano H Xie H Fang X Yoshida H Kyozuka J Chen F Sato Y
Journal: Plant Cell Citation: V : 23 P : 3276-87 Year: 2011 Type: In-Process
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub21963665 Accession (PMID): 21963665
Matching Sentences:
[ Sen. 6, subscore: 1.00 ]: The lax2 mutant is similar to lax panicle1 ( lax1 ) in that it lacks an AM in most of the lateral branching of the panicle and has a reduced number of AMs at the vegetative stage .
[ Sen. 7, subscore: 1.00 ]: The lax1 lax2 double mutant synergistically enhances the reduced-branching phenotype , indicating the presence of multiple pathways for branching .
[ Sen. 8, subscore: 1.00 ]: LAX2 encodes a nuclear protein that contains a plant-specific conserved domain and physically interacts with LAX1 .
[ Sen. 9, subscore: 1.00 ]: We propose that LAX2 is a novel factor that acts together with LAX1 in rice to regulate the process of AM formation .
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Score: 2.00
Title: The bHLH protein ROX acts in concert with RAX1 and LAS to modulate axillary meristem formation in Arabidopsis .
Author: Yang F Wang Q Schmitz G Muller D Theres K
Journal: Plant J Citation: V : 71 P : 61-70 Year: 2012 Type: In-Process
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub22372440 Accession (PMID): 22372440
Matching Sentences:
[ Sen. 3, subscore: 1.00 ]: In this study , we describe the role of the bHLH-protein-encoding Arabidopsis gene REGULATOR OF AXILLARY MERISTEM FORMATION ( ROX ) , which is the ortholog of the branching regulators LAX PANICLE1 ( LAX1 ) in rice and barren stalk1 ( ba1 ) in maize . rox mutants display compromised axillary bud formation during vegetative shoot development , and combination of rox mutants with mutations in RAX1 and LAS , two key regulators of axillary meristem initiation , enhances their branching defects .
[ Sen. 4, subscore: 1.00 ]: In contrast to lax1 and ba1 , flower development is unaffected in rox mutants .
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Score: 1.00
Title: Phylogenomic analyses of the BARREN STALK1/LAX PANICLE1 ( BA1/LAX1 ) genes and evidence for their roles during axillary meristem development .
Author: Woods DP Hope CL Malcomber ST
Journal: Mol Biol Evol Citation: V : 28 P : 2147-59 Year: 2011 Type: MEDLINE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub21297156 Accession (PMID): 21297156
Matching Sentences:
[ Sen. 2, subscore: 1.00 ]: The orthologous basic helix-loop-helix ( bHLH ) proteins maize BARREN STALK1 ( BA1 ) and rice LAX PANICLE1 ( LAX1 ) are essential for the formation of AMs during vegetative development and all lateral structures during inflorescence development , but whether BA1/LAX1 co-orthologs exist outside of the grass family is unclear .
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