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Score: 5.00
Title: Immunogenicity of recombinant hepatitis B virus surface antigen fused with preS1 epitopes expressed in rice seeds .
Author: Qian B Shen H Liang W Guo X Zhang C Wang Y Li G Wu A Cao K Zhang D
Journal: Transgenic Res Citation: V : 17 P : 621-31 Year: 2008 Type: MEDLINE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub17882531 Accession (PMID): 17882531
Abstract: To test the possibility of producing a novel hepatitis B vaccine in plants , the modified hepatitis B virus ( HBV ) surface antigen ( HBsAg ) gene SS1 was expressed in rice under the control of the seed-specific Glub-4 promoter . The SS1 gene encodes a fusion protein consisting of amino acids 21-47 of the hepatocyte receptor-binding presurface 1 region ( preS1 ) fused to the truncated C-terminus of the major HBV surface ( S ) protein . The production of antibodies against the preS1 region acts to protect humans against HBV infection by preventing HBV from binding to hepatocytes . The presence of SS1 in the genome of transgenic rice was confirmed by PCR and Southern blot analysis , and RNA dot blot analysis indicated that the fused SS1 gene was specifically expressed in rice seeds , with the highest expression level being about 31 . 5 ng/g dry weight grain . Western blot analysis revealed that the recombinant SS1 protein could be specifically recognized by both an anti-S protein antibody and an anti-preS1 antibody . The recombinant SS1 protein was also observed to form virus-like particles with a diameter of about 22 nm and a density of 1 . 25 g cm ( -3 ) . Furthermore , immunological responses against both the S and preS1 epitopes were induced in BALB/c mice immunized with the recombinant SS1 protein , indicating that this rice-derived SS1 protein could be a promising candidate as an alternative HBV vaccine for preventing hepatitis B
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Score: 3.00
Title: Primary prevention of hepatocellular carcinoma .
Author: Yu SZ .
Journal: J Gastroenterol . Hepatol . Citation: V : 10 ( 6 ) P : 674-82 Year: Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub8580413 Accession (PMID): 8580413
Abstract: Hepatocellular carcinoma ( HCC ) is one of the major cancers in China . Accordingly , the mortality rates in 1990 ( per 100 , 000 ) were 20 . 10 in certain cities and 24 . 32 in certain counties . More than 90% of HCC cases and 70% of controls were infected with the hepatitis B virus ( HBV ) ( Odds Ratio ( OR ) = 10-50 ) . In the same group of patients , 8-27% of those with HCC and 0-11% of the healthy controls were also infected with hepatitis C ( HCV ) ( OR = 2 . 11-17 . 29 ) . There appears to be some correlation between HBV markers and the OR . The government requires that 85% of infants be immunized with HBV vaccine . In 1992 , there were 3 million infants inoculated with HB vaccines . Aflatoxins have been found as contaminants in food , particularly in corn , peanut oil , soya sauce and fermented soya beans . The intake of aflatoxin B1 ( AFB1 ) by people of ten different villages correlated with HCC mortality rates ( r = 0 . 55 ; P < 0 . 05 ) . The concentration of AFB1-albumin adducts is an indicator of individual exposure to aflatoxins . These adducts are higher in hyperendemic HCC areas and cases . Most people have now changed their staple food and eat rice instead of corn . Six large epidemiological studies have confirmed that people who drink pond-ditch water experience higher HCC mortality rates than people who drink deep-well water . Recent research has found that the blue-green algal toxin microcystin ( MCYST ) was a contaminant of pond-ditch water . MCYST is a strong promoter of HCC and will induce severe intrahepatic haemorrhages and liver necrosis . More than 80% of people in Qidong County have already changed their sources of water from pond-ditches to deep wells . Therefore , a combined strategy of the prevention of hepatitis , control of crops and control of drinking water is advocated for the primary prevention of HCC in China .
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Score: 2.00
Title: [ Sequence alterations in p53 gene of hepatocellular carcinoma from high aflatoxin risk area in Guangxi ]
Author: Deng Z Pan L Ma Y
Journal: Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi Citation: V : 19 ( 1 ) P : 18-21 Year: 1997 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub10743047 Accession (PMID): 10743047
Abstract: OBJECTIVE : Check on the sequence alterations of the p53 gene of hepatocellular carcinoma ( HCC ) in some areas of Guangxi . METHODS : 40 cases of archival HCC samples were divided into two groups . One includes 26 cases from Fusui--an area notorious for high risk in HCC , AFB1 and HBV ; The other includes 14 cases from Yulin where both HCC and HBV were high but AFB1 may be low because rice low in AFB1 was the staple food . Exon 7 were sequenced by DNA direct sequencing . p53 mutational protein and HBsAg were examined by immunostaing . RESULTS : In the Fusui group , 16/26 ( 61 . 5% ) cases showed mutation at codon 249 third position G to T transversion to form a hot-spot which is generally considered to be caused by AFB1 . In the Yulin group , only one single place-Guigang showed p53 mutation clustered at the hot-spot like Fusui in 3/5 cases ( 60% ) , while the other cases demonstrated mutational points in various positions . CONCLUSION : Besides Qidong and South Africa , a third AFB1 high risk area was demonstrated where HCC is accompanied by p53 gene specific mutation .
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Score: 1.00
Title: [ Aflatoxins and primary liver cancer--a population based case-control study ]
Author: Zhang MD .
Journal: Zhonghua Yu Fang Yi Xue Za Zhi Citation: V : 26 ( 6 ) P : 331-3 Year: 1992 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub1303345 Accession (PMID): 1303345
Abstract: A case-control study of primary liver cancer ( PLC ) was conducted in 1989 at Fusui County , Guangxi Province . There were 99 PLC cases and 99 age-sex-residence matched controls . There were no difference of age , sex , race , cultural , level , marital status and annual income distribution ( P > 0 . 05 ) . The mean dietary AFB1 intakes of cases and controls were 117 . 72 + 105 . 68 mg/d , the mean outputs of AFM1 were 22 . 56 and 21 . 62 ng per morning urine respectively . The mean sera aflatoxin-albumin adducts in both groups were 24 . 96 and 18 . 72 pg per mg albumin respectively . These indicators were of no statistical significance . Conditional Logistic regression showed that HBV infection ( OR = 5 . 33 ) , drinking pond-ditch water ( OR = 3 . 70 ) , family history of PLC ( OR = 2 . 88 ) , and total alcohol intakes ( OR = 1 . 002 ) were statistically significant as risk factors ( P > 0 . 05 ) rather than aflatoxins . This may be due to the fact that the samples selected in hyperendemic area both took high quantities of aflatoxin .
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