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Score: 7.00
Title: The ANTHER INDEHISCENCE1 gene encoding a single MYB domain protein is involved in anther development in rice .
Journal: Plant Physiol . Citation: V : 135 ( 3 ) P : 1514-25 Year: 2004 Type: ARTICLE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub15247409 Accession (PMID): 15247409
Matching Sentences:
[ Sen. 7, subscore: 2.00 ]: The Ds insertion responsible for the aid1 mutation was mapped within the coding region of the AID1 gene on chromosome 6 , which is predicted to encode a novel protein of 426 amino acids with a single MYB domain .
[ Sen. 1, subscore: 1.00 ]: Using a two-element iAc/Ds transposon-tagging system , we identified a rice ( Oryza sativa L cv Nipponbare ) recessive mutant , anther indehiscence1 ( aid1 ) , showing partial to complete spikelet sterility .
[ Sen. 2, subscore: 1.00 ]: Spikelets of the aid1 mutant could be classified into three types based on the viability of pollen grains and the extent of anther dehiscence .
[ Sen. 6, subscore: 1.00 ]: In addition , aid1 mutant plants had fewer tillers and flowered 10 to 15 d later than the wild type .
[ Sen. 8, subscore: 1.00 ]: The MYB domain of AID1 is closely related to that of the telomere-binding proteins of human , mouse , and Arabidopsis , and of single MYB domain transcriptional regulators in plants such as PcMYB1 and ZmIBP1 .
[ Sen. 9, subscore: 1.00 ]: AID1 was expressed in both the leaves and panicles of wild-type plants , but not in mutant plants .
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