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Title: Degradation of Al/SiCp composites produced with rice-hull ash and aluminum cans .
Author: Escalera-Lozano R Gutierrez CA Pech-Canul MA Pech-Canul MI
Journal: Waste Manag Citation: V : 28 P : 389-95 Year: 2008 Type: MEDLINE
Literature: oryza Field: abstract Doc ID: pub17320370 Accession (PMID): 17320370
Abstract: The use of recycling aluminum from beverage containers and rice-hull ash ( RHA ) offers to be an attractive alternative for the economic production of Al/SiCp composites . However , corrosion phenomena in the composites represent technological barriers yet to be resolved before they can be exploited to their full potential A simple methodology involving characterization by XRD , SEM , EDX , FTIR and ICP was designed in order to investigate the causes of the rapid degradation in a humid environment of Al/SiCp composites produced with RHA and aluminum cans . Results reveal that the use of RHA was beneficial to avoid degradation through the formation and subsequent hydration of the Al4C3 phase . However with condensed moisture acting as an electrolyte , localized corrosion took place with aggressive damage manifested by the disintegration of the composite into a powdery mixture . The relevant corrosion mechanism was mainly attributed to microgalvanic coupling between the Mg2Si intermetallic compound and the matrix ( although other phases such as SiC , Si , MgAl2O4 could also work as microcathodes ) .
Matching Sentences:
[ Sen. 3, subscore: 1.00 ]: Results reveal that the use of RHA was beneficial to avoid degradation through the formation and subsequent hydration of the Al4C3 phase .
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