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Enter keyword(s) and/or category/ies. Selecting categories for a query makes a search more specific. For example, you can retrieve sentences that contain the word SPW1 and a Oryza sativa gene name by typing the keyword 'SPW1' and choosing the category 'gene (Oryza sativa)'. A category hit occurs when a particular word or phrase in the sentence is defined as a member of a particular category. Categories will be concatenated by a Boolean 'and' operation to other categories and keyword(s) if present. To search for terms in categories, click on the Categories/Ontology link above.
Separate multiple, required keywords by white spaces (Boolean 'and').
Separate multiple, alternative keywords by a comma with no white spaces (Boolean 'or').
Enter phrases in double quotes, and put a '-' sign in front of words which are to be excluded.
Keyword Specification
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Database Description
Last update:August 21,2012
Currently, this site contains information about the following literatures and data types (data count in parenthesis):
oryza: abstract (27477), title (27710)
Summary: abstract : 27477, body : 0, title : 27710, total : 55187
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C. elegans, D. melanogaster, Neuroscience, Master (under construction)
Yeast, Tetrahymena, Ashbya gossypii, Brucella
OHSU Fungal Textpresso: N. crassa, A. nidulans, M. grisea, Cryptococcus, Filamentous Fungi (Beta)

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